Attention To Detail – Crossing The T's To Increase Website Traffic


When you’re attempting to generate a traffic flow to your website there are lot of things to consider which may feel overwhelming and difficult to get a handle on If you’re juggling social media, content writing, website design and so on and so on, you can find that work can end up a little sloppy and little cracks appear in the foundations of your work.

Additionally, if you hire someone to write for you, they may not always get it right first time. You need to have a second pair of eyes on their work to ensure it’s to the highest quality. If you don’t traffic will drop.

But Why is Attention to Detail So Important?

When we are talking about attention to detail in content and SEO, we’re referring to the little things that are easily forgotten but go hand in hand with search engine success. For example, it’s easy to forget to add a meta description or an alt tag for images, or to not include keywords in a piece of writing for the website.

Although these things seem like minor crimes, every time something is forgotten, you’re passing up an opportunity to be found by Google and ranked for the keywords you’re looking to rank for.
For example, inserting keywords into the content, the meta description, the alt tag and the title tag are the most important things to remember but can easily slip through the net. By inserting keywords, you’re calling out to Google as this is Google’s way of understanding what your article is about and knowing what to do with that article in terms of indexing. So if you sell specialized watches online and you want to rank for ‘Ferrari chronograph watch’, you need to make sure it’s inputted all over your articles.

Furthermore, the more neatly your website is packaged, with keywords all in the right places and everything finished off nicely, the easier it is for Google to rank you, the higher up the rankings your business will go and the more visible your business will be to customers. More visibility equals more sales.

What’s Out There to Help

Never fear, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Reading article after article once you’ve hired writers and editors seems like a waste of both time and money.  Alternatively, there are several tools available for WordPress which can help you to quickly check through those articles to determine whether everything is in working order and SEO has reached its full potential for every article. Here’s one of the best:

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is a fantastic, not to be missed tool. It works in a series of ways to provide the best SEO babysitting device to ensure that nothing slips through the net and on to your site without being properly managed and optimised.

Firstly, it checks all the little things that you forget to do. It will make sure you have an alt tag for any images on the page, check with the post is too long, check if the title is too long or too short, check for subheadings etc. All these things are key SEO opportunities and Yoast gives you a little heads up as to whether you’ve got them sorted or not.

The second thing it does is hones in on your keywords. It checks how many times that keyword comes up in the article, checks whether it’s in the title tag, in the meta description, in the URL, in the alt tag, everywhere. Yoast gives you as many chances as possible to show Google what you’re talking about and what you should ultimately rank for.

After that it does a quick SEO sweep to check what the articles about and how it can be improved and adds meta tags automatically and link elements.

As a side note, it also has the most advanced XML sitemap tool on all of WordPress.

Overall, it’s fair to say that paying attention to detail directly affects your website traffic. However, you don’t need to tear your hair out attempting to read through everything for undotted I’s and uncrossed T’s. Using tools such as Yoast, you can actually monitor the work being completed for your website, within a technical online butler to help you with the finishing touches!

James Martell is a successful internet marketer who, when he’s not helping companies such as get off the ground, spends his time attending affiliate marketing conferences across America. James has become so successful in his career that he has written a widely successful book and often speaks at these conference to encourage people to do more for their business.

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