AT & T F160 Review


With a solid design and features, the AT&T is a 3G global phone offering a strong quality call but a discouraging photography.


The AT&T F160 is a remarkable phone by the ZTE which has a black framework with a matte touch, slightly designed features, silver intonations and slightly curved corners. Its size is similar to those of other ZTE phones with its length being 4.8 inches, thickness being 0.4 inches and width being 1.9 inches. The good thing about the phone is, it is lightweight and weighs around 3 ounces making it an easily gripped phone.

The display screen is 2.4 inches with a QVGA resolution, 240×320 pixels and 262,000 colors. There are shortcut keys; one soft key for navigation, other shortcuts for the camera and calling history. The phone also allows you to change backlight period, wallpaper, brightness of the screen, a beginning screen greeting but does not allow changing the font size and style.

Underneath the display screen, you will find the Send and End buttons, two soft keys and the Shortcuts and Clear key. Also you will find a four routed navigation toggle with the central button for selection. The F160 consists of a genial keypad with easy automatic foretelling texting and keys that are quite reactive and easy to press.

The backbone of the AT&T F160 has a volume rocker, a camera secure button, a 3.5 mm headset jack and a Micro USB charging port. The camera is of 3 megapixels and the micro SD card slot below the back cover is able of taking up to 8 GB external memory but the battery and the back cover have to be removed for it.


The F160 has a capacity of storing 500 contacts along with each of theirs multiple numbers, multiple e-mail addresses, address and customized ringtone. The phone has 12 built in ringtones but you can attain more through the micro SD card. Other features of the phone include basics such as a calendar, an alarm clock, and a calculator, a currency converter, a world clock, a stopwatch, a voice recorder, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G support.

To facilitate multimedia options, the phone has the standard headset jack for playback music, with streaming radio and music ID as two common features just like in other AT&T phones. The picture and video quality are very disappointing. The image and picture quality is tested to be very dull, blunt and dark especially in indoor captures, however, on allowing natural light to the background, pictures become a bit better.

The final picture quality can be ameliorated by the various photo and video options present in the phone including the triad quality grades, five contrast and brilliance settings and three resonance and color effects.


On testing the performance of the phone, the call quality resulted to be very good with the voices being very clear but some white noise. The receiver’s side complained of the voice being soggy and subdued at times. The overall performance of the phone is good!

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