All Too Convenient


All Too Convenient

Convenience is what we as a human race seem to strive for. Every invention starting with the knife and the wheel has been thought up to make things easier. Sure, it’s great. But sometimes, things get so convenient it becomes unhealthy.

Cars for example are great, but now we drive to the store which is only a block away instead of walking. Is it still convenient when there is a traffic jam because everyone decided to do the same thing?

Computers with internet connectivity can be seen as the ultimate providers in convenience. Nowadays search engines such as Google can be used to locate, understand and experience pretty much anything; with instant answers at your fingertips. What with tracking and cookies too, you don’t even have to look far too – as companies can remember you, what you looked for, and email you about it directly!

Sure, ads on websites might conveniently advertise things you like, but ‘loosely related’ targeting can actually serve to be more of an annoyance than a convenience when you find yourself on the ‘dark side’ of the web, or somewhere you would never have knowingly visited. It’s at times such as these when convenience can easy turn into annoyance.

Then there’s Facebook. If you don’t have your settings right, everyone knows you’re there and all remotely connected ‘friends’ get an update about your life in real time. That’s before you consider the ‘chat’ functionality, ‘text’ alerts, or ‘location’ logging – all making communication easier, and promoting the avoidance of face-to-face interaction. Indeed, Procrastination no longer requires thinking time, as Facebook conveniently provides all the distraction you might need.

On your mobile phone, you have auto-correction for texting and emails; which is convenient about 50% of the time. Try typing a name or an abbreviation, or if you miss-spell one letter, the whole meaning of your message can change. For example, blonde girl can easily become blind girl, or Disney can become divorce…

Video chat is so convenient. Your friend from high school knows you’re home, and wants to chat at 9 am. You just woke up and look a mess. If you ignore him, he knows you’re ignoring him. You definitely can’t answer with your hair like that. This is a perfect example of convenient technology becoming an inconvenience or irritation.

With modern technology, we literally never need to leave the house. We can work from home, order food delivered, and keep in touch with family and friends via Skype. Find a date, a mate, or a long lost friend. You can be your own private eye. Paying all your bills online is convenient too, but being hacked and having someone use your credit card information can cause big problems.

Determining when convenience isn’t convenient anymore is tricky. We are always looking for a faster way to do things, to give us more time for other things; but despite the fun of utilizing new technology- in the hope of making life or work a little easier- we should perhaps consider its and our own shortcomings.

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