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Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services were developed to be a flexible application, based upon a collaborative technology system. The solution is designed to enhance productivity through better communication between work groups within a web based environment. There are many useful aspects for SharePoint, including the creation, customization, and management of SharePoint connected sites. A key component in the SharePoint system is the use and sharing of the URL.

SharePoint Document URLs 
Documents are assigned URLs in SharePoint, as part its Routing Service. Users may route the URLs to appropriate and designated directories. In this way, the people using the files may access them easily and share them with those who need them. There is a series of rules for routing privileges. Most often, URLs are shared in the Technical Manual Creation and Budget Planning solutions. However, it is also accessible for any SharePoint Services document library. Subfolders and subsites are easily navigated through the various SharePoint environments.

Content Organizer
SharePoint’s Content Organizer facilitates its URL routing system. This feature is designed to enhance and extend the Records Center site template routing engine. Libraries are created to store, share and retrieve documents on a SharePoint server, instead of a local hard drive. The Content Organizer is designed to:
*Create new folders
*Automatically route documents to subfolders and libraries
*Facilitate maintenance
*Ensure that folders do not exceed requirements
*Provide a system for storage of items beyond program limits
*Display uploaded items
*Quickly locate documents

Records Center
SharePoint documents are stored on the Records Center website. The website template features methods to design and deploy SharePoint’s Records Center Web service. One single website may be designated for the Records Center. The information concerning the Records Center is found within the Central Administration dashboard. URL storage locations correspond with the document library designated inside of the Records Center website.

Document Management
Document URLs in SharePoint are managed and stored in libraries. Each group library has its own built-in document section, referred to as “Shared Documents.” This library is accessible through the “Quick Launch” toolbar and also, through the “Documents and Lists” page. Document URLs within the libraries match document names. This makes them easy to identify since they are part of the “List” files for each site.

SharePoint URL Routing Service allows library owners to custom configure workflow routes for their documents. After a library owner creates and saves a document, it is selected to “Submit for Approval” from an “Edit” menu command. The document is then routed to the intended person listed as the first person to “approve” it. Other designated approvers may be use a naming system, such as “second,” “third” and so on. Multiple record routing is enabled within assigned document libraries.

Routing for Metadata
Metadata makes SharePoint URL routing faster. It also allows for content to be stored and saved in the most appropriate location. When metadata tags and designations are organized, administrators can ensure that submitted and saved content such as documents, photos, media and workbooks are safeguarded and routed to their appropriate SharePoint location.

This post was provided by Monica Johnson, an employee at a reputable marketing firm in Toronto. She uses and recommends for the best SharePoint Search add-ons and more.

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