Adulting 101: The 5 Apps You Need


Nobody said being an adult would be easy — but they never said how hard it would be either! Thankfully, there are some apps out there that can take the stress out of the everyday. If you think there are not enough hours in the day, here are the apps that can help you save time and minimise stress:

1.     Hive

Looking forward to getting home to a cosy house only to find you’ve forgotten to set the timer on your boiler? Invest in Hive Active Heating and you can control your heating system remotely — and keep the cold at bay! You’ll need to install a wireless thermostat, hub and receiver but once you do, you’ll be able to control your heating remotely via the app.

That means greater flexibility for you. Switch your heating on and off when you need it — like 20 minutes before you leave the office, for example — and enjoy money and energy savings across the year.

Adulting 101: The 5 Apps You Need

2.     Evernote Scannable

If you try your best to be organised but are still left with a mountain of paperwork, you need Evernote Scannable. The downloadable app helps you make sense of your documents—simply scan them via your smartphone camera and create a digital bank of information. Whether it’s receipts, contracts or business cards, you’ll never mislay that important document again.

What’s more, if you do scan a business card, the app will automatically turn it into a contact and retrieve additional data from LinkedIn. Now that’s a smarter way to manage your contacts.

3.     Out of Milk

Managing a household can be tough, especially the grocery shop! Whether it’s your partner finishing the milk without letting you know, or you both buying the same groceries, Out of Milk puts an end to your food shopping mishaps.

The app is available for Android smartphones and works by letting multiple people create lists. Invite others to your list and they’ll be able to add their own groceries to it and check off any that they buy. Your list will update almost instantly, so you’ll never end up with 24 eggs and eight pints of milk again!

4.     True Potential Investor

We all want to put more money away for our future, but with groceries, bills and mortgages to pay, our savings and investments can take a hit. However, True Potential Investor has an app that lets you effectively manage your investments better. This is available to all clients of theirs.

The self-directed investment service allows you to set goals and work out how much you’ll need to invest to achieve it. You can select from a range of investment portfolios with differing levels of risk to help you meet your savings goal*. Clients can also top up their account 24/7 with as little as £1 via their award-winning technology, impulseSaveâ, through their iOS or Android apps.

*With investing, your capital is at risk. Investments can fluctuate in value and you may get back less than you invest. Tax rules can change at any time.

5. 7 Minute Workout

Have a gym membership that’s costing you a fortune but gets little use? By downloading 7 Minute Workout, you can do high intensity circuit training wherever you are — at home, in a hotel on holiday, anywhere!

Each workout lasts just seven minutes, so if the thought of an hour on the treadmill fills you with dread, this could be the perfect option for you. There are 12 exercises to complete in 30-second intervals with 10 second breaks. Offering a flexible approach to exercise, it’s great if you’re looking to boost your fitness or weight loss.

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