A Simple Guide On How To Protect Your Privacy With LEOMASTER


Your phone is your most treasured personal effect. If you don’t believe it, try to recall the last time you left it at home. Most likely you spent a miserable day or you had to make up an excuse to go and retrieve it.  This is how dependent modern society has become on their handsets. In the process, a lot of sensitive information is stored in these gadgets and eventually the need for privacy arises.

A Simple Guide On How To Protect Your Privacy With LEOMASTER

The Ultimate Privacy Solution

Well, you are in luck today because LEOMASTER is once again setting trends in app development and has come up with the ultimate phone privacy protection. Leo Privacy Guard is an apps lock that enables you to lock all the apps, messages, contacts, call logs, videos, pictures and any other files you have stored in your Smartphone.

This product has been receiving a lot of accolades across the technology forums due to its versatile format, easy to use interface, magnificent design and ability to offer tailor matched privacy options. It is not a one-fits-all solution but an app that offers exactly what you need depending on your situation.

The best thing about this privacy solution is the fact that it also boosts your phone’s performance by blocking apps running in the background. This is one of the most intelligent tools in the market today and surprisingly you get it for free from Google Play store.

Getting Started

It was launched in 2014, and for such a new entrant into the industry, one cannot but wonder how good their products are. So how do you get started with this ingenious product? Here are a few general steps to follow.

  1. Installation: This is the easiest part because you just need to go to Google Play store and download Leo Privacy Guard. You will be given an overview of what the app offers even before starting off.
  2. Setting security setup: You will be prompted to create either a password or a security pattern.  It is up to you to select the one you are comfortable with. This is what you will be using to unlock your apps.
  3. The main screen: This is one of the easiest interfaces to use and features default mode, lock, protection and your apps. The protection menu shows you the level of protection so far, and because you probably haven’t locked any app, it will be at the dangerous level.
  4. Start locking the apps: To try it out, try to lock some apps in order to see how the privacy level will change. It is important to play around with the app at this point in order to understand it fully. You can also enable different modes and allow some apps to be available on particular modes.
  5. Try the app covers: These are supposed to enhance your apps privacy and they include the fingerprint, beauty cover, error and unknown covers. When you have locked an app, you can add a cover to make it even harder for anyone to access it. You are the only one who can unlock both the cover and the app.
  6. The privacy proposals are also crucial in making your phone even more private. For instance, you are given the option of hiding images and videos, private SMSs, among other functions.

As you continue using your Smartphone, the app may prompt you to boost it in order to enhance performance. This stops any apps running in the background. Simply put, LEOMASTER has given you limitless opportunities to keep your phone files safe using this app.

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