8 Ways Pinterest Can Help Boost SEO


If you haven’t heard about it then you’re lucky to be here; Pinterest in the latest social networking platform that is gradually taking over the entire internet world. It is social, but just like many other social sites has plenty of benefits for business minded people like you. Pinterest works by allowing people create picture boards and add or pin their favorite picture to it. You can make as many picture boards as you want as long as all the items in the board is related. As an internet marketer looking for ways to boost your site or blog seo and get more traffic Pinterest provides untapped and fresh opportunity for you to achieve better page ranking with the search engines. Yes, again, you’re lucky because below are 5 ways you can use Pinterest to boost your seo.

Link With Facebook

Pinterest allows you to link your account with Facebook so that all your activities, pins and re-pins on the site can appear automatically on your Facebook wall, including the Facebook ticker. You can also connect it with other social platforms like Flickr and Twitter, to increase your exposure and opportunities.

Optimise The Profile Description

This is the place where Pinterest has provided for you to tell other people about you and your business. So when you’re filling your description make sure the content discusses exactly what you are, so that other people can understand you. Include target keywords in the middle of the text so search engines can notice it.

Add Pinterest Button To Your Site Or Blog

As a user on Pinterest you have the opportunity to add not one but two widget buttons to your site or personal blogs. The pin it button allows people to click and pin the content to their own boards, while the follow me on Pinterest button gives you the power to direct people to your Pinboards and collections.

Link Building

Pinterest is a huge social network company so it provides excellent link building capacity and domain authority. The more pins and re-pins you do the more online visibility you get; which in turn popularize your domain name. The more popular your domain name the more people will post items that link to your website which without doubt will improve your site ranking on search engine pages.

Utilize @ Tags

For you to build popularity, connections and relationships on this site you need to connect with other Pinterest users and get your pins noticed. One smart way of doing this is to add others that are using @tags. This move will increase your chances of getting re-pinned so as to improve your popularity on the site.

Be Creative

The most important aspect of the Pinterest network is the images and pictures. If you want to get noticed then you need to be very creative with the images you pin. Share bold, interesting, creative and funny images that correspond with and explain what you’re doing on your site.


Google analytics provides a great amount of details from Pinterest sources, helping you know which of the items in your collection is earning the most referral links. With this information you now know the kind of pictures you should pins and re-pin more often.

Use Searchable Keywords

Search engines bring search results to people based on the keywords they have entered into the search box. If you want more people to get to your site through search engines then you need to make use of searchable keywords when writing your pin description. The description should be simple, targeted and short, and should contain your keyword, at least once.

Tony Hamilton hired a freelance SEO Consultant who advised him on how to best optimise his Pinterest account.

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