7 Tips to Attract Guest Bloggers to your Site


If you are a blog owner, the positioning of your site in different search engines is very important, as it will dictate the traffic that your site is getting. With the different algorithms being implemented by Google now, it is important for blog owners to implement strategies to their blog to improve its ranking and SEO. One known effective way to accomplish this is by having guest bloggers to your site.

Guest blogging is beneficial both to the blog owner and the guest blogger. The guest blogger will gain a valid link back to their site once the article has been published which can definitely boost their site’s SEO. On the other hand, guest blogging is advantageous for the blog owner as it paves the way for having a regular posting of quality content to their site which search engines will surely appreciate.

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So how do you attract guest bloggers to your site? Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this:
1. Establish your blog first. The reason why bloggers would want to guest post on your site is to drive traffic to their own blog. Nobody would be interested to post for your site if you don’t have any readership and real traffic. Establish your blogs first to generate its own followers, increase page ranking and gain traffic and in no time, guest bloggers will start to line up for your site.
2. Create a Contact Us page or link. Your contact details such as your email address should be visible so interested guest bloggers can immediately contact you if they want to discuss the guest blogging opportunity to your site.
3. Sign up in sites where you can promote guest blogging opportunities. There are numerous sites where you can sign up for free and where you can advertise your need for guest bloggers like My Blog Guest, Blogger Link Up and more.
4. Lay out your guidelines. Make sure that your guidelines and requirements for the guest post article is clear to the guest blogger. You can indicate the niche or topic that you accept in your blog, your required number of words, the number of links you allow in the article and many more
5. Offer a link back to the guest author’s site. One reason why bloggers guest post is to get a valid link to their site. By allowing them to include links to their site in the guest post will attract them to submit more quality articles.
6. Respond in a timely manner. Though it can be time consuming to manage guest postings, it is important that you respond to guest bloggers in a timely manner. Acknowledge the article upon receipt and inform guest authors on the status of the article.
7. Encourage repeat contributions. Establish a relationship with your guest bloggers especially if you like their work and their style of writing. Invite them to submit regular articles to your site, feature their article on your blog, offer revenue sharing, etc so they will feel appreciated and would encourage them to submit frequently to your site.
The efforts that you put in attracting guest bloggers to your site will pay off in the end as regular posting of quality content to your site will impress search engines and will help improve your site’s ranking. So start following the tips mentioned above to attract guest bloggers to your site now.

Author’s Bio: This is a guest post by Melissa, she is a blogger and copy writer for SEO Doctor.

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