5 Ways To Boost Online Presence and Increase Web Traffic


As you start your new business or as you continue to try to build your existing business, you know that you need to find ways to boost your online presence and increase your web traffic, but you might not know how. Most business owners face a learning curve when faced with these tasks since it makes the most sense to them, and perhaps you, to focus on their product or service.

If this marketing conundrum sounds familiar to you, and you know it is time for you to take the leap, there are plenty of ways you can tackle this issue, just like you would manage issues with your primary product or service.

5 Ways To Boost Online Presence and Increase Web Traffic

Try one or more of the following 5 ways to boost online presence and increase traffic to get things moving along:

Design a Knockout Website

Even if you already have a website, consider consulting with a web design firm, or someone you know who has serious design savvy, to take it up a notch. When you create your domain name, make sure it is your own name or your business’s name to help people find you more easily by making a logical connection through your website address. Create multiple pages, which include a page about your company, a page that describes your services or products and rates, a page that features your blog and a page where they can find your contact information.

Create a Relevant Blog and Consistently Add Meaningful and High-Quality Content

It is critical that you create useful content for your readers. The days of SEO tricks are over, and your best tack is to attract readers through content that appeals to their needs that you tap into through your unique and well-crafted content. Offer content on your blog that your readers won’t find elsewhere, and you will soon start to see an influx of web traffic.

Generate Locally Relevant Content

Help your readers find you by adding geographical indicators in your content. Use local jargon, points of interest and local terms to help prospective clients find you, especially if your work is service-oriented like a maternal fetal specialist from a Mercy hospital.

Commit to Creating and Fostering a Social Media Presence

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners can’t stand the thought of entering Facebook posts or Tweeting their latest information, but social media marketing is overtaking web market, so you don’t have much of a choice if you want to reach your audience. As you build a friends list on Facebook, a cache of connections on LinkedIn and followers on Twitter, you will start to see more traffic on your web page when you post links to your articles and blog posts that your readers might find useful. You can also make time-sensitive announcements in real-time that your readers are more likely to respond to than even an email blast or a blog post, so if you want to have a one-day only sale on one of your products or services, you will probably see results after a succinct post about it.

Invest in Creating a Mobile Presence for Your Web Page

Meet with a mobile app developer to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. As people continue to buy smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices, you are just as likely to reach your target audience while they are out of the house or office, so you want to make their experience simple and pleasant while visiting your website, no matter where they are and on what type of screen they are using.

Once you start using and refining these tactics, you will probably become more comfortable with the process and will enjoy your increased exposure and all the benefits that brings for you and your business. Continue to build on your web presence and nurture new relationships for staying power and increased profits.

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