5 Reasons to Believe Windows Phone 7 is an iPhone Killer


The year 2010 has been a roller coaster ride for the Smartphone market and industry analysts are anticipating a sought out battle between the tech giants and the cellphone manufacturers. First it was the Cupertino based Tech Giant Apple that launched their latest iPhone 4 that sparked a buying spree of the phones across the World. Search giant Google also saw a marked increase in its share in the Smartphone market and its Application Store also took the market by storm.

But today the emphasis is on the latest Smartphone OS that the Redmond based software giant released last month; Microsoft after much hype released its Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 across various Smartphone platforms including LG, Samsung and HTC. Many in the industry believe that Windows Phone 7 will ultimately be comparable to the Apple’s hottest selling iPhone4 and many have termed it as the iPhone Killer.

Early Smartphone users have always been comfortable with the operating systems offered by the longest computer heritage company Microsoft. The new Windows Phone 7 is all about style, Apps and scale and also renders a multitude of services ranging from browsing, entertainment, and the internet based searching.

The Windows Phone 7 has hooked up a lot of rich features and has powered the Smartphones with a radical approach. Here are some of the reasons that might make Windows Phone 7 to be the iPhone Killer.

1. Tiles Display

From the first look at the visual interface of this latest Microsoft’s Smartphone OS, it looks extremely better. The Tiles that are displayed on the screen replaces the old traditional icons on the Android and the Apple’s iPhone. By just picking up the phone, the user can see whatever is happening around the world without the need to open any Application.

Although, both the iPhone and the Android are equipped with the facility of push notifications and the alerts that the users have to enable for each application, but with the Tile View in the Windows Phone 7, things are pretty easy to manage. This innovative way of delivery of information is just one instance in which Microsoft has shown that they mean business and they are not just here to deliver what the market has already in its cache.

2. Hub Feature

Well, one more interesting thing in the Windows Phone 7 is the Hub Strategy and it totally makes a relevant link of what needed to be done. An avid example of Windows Phone 7’s Hub Strategy is the Music App Zune; let’s suppose that the user has a Music Hub in the form of Zune App, so the amazing thing is that this particular music app is not restricted or limited to the music that I have specifically uploaded for the Zune app but instead it becomes a Hub for all the music contents on my Phone. Normally, users have multitude of Apps having different music contents and the users have to remember all the different places where they have placed their music, but with this scintillating Hub Feature in Phone 7, the users can enjoy the centralized Hub. This Hub thing is not just limited to the Music but for the other variants like business documents and the Office Suite as well. This thing can increase the level of ease and I can go to my specific app or to the Main Hub as a matter of fact.

3. Various Categories of Apps

It is not difficult to stay in the present era of Smartphone prone market; it’s all about the Application world. During the unveiling ceremony of Windows Phone 7, great apps were demonstrated including the likes of Shazam, Seesmic and AP (Associated Press). So it is very much evident that all the big time App developers are going to launch their version of the Apps for Windows Phone 7 and this is going to be a running success. Most of the Apps that will be on the Windows Phone 7 are developed on the new Silverlight Platform.

4. Graphically Rich Video Games

The video game experience on the Phone is simply marvellous. The graphics look pretty amazing and all the game levels and the scores will be updated against the Live Profile of the gamers. Well it’s just like the X-Box gaming experience that also updates live scores.

And for Gamers, the biggest thing is that Windows Phone 7 has a CROSS PLATFORM enabled, this means that all the users will not only be able to continue playing games on their X-BOX consoles and on the Phone, but additionally the game progress is also remembered on the cross platforms and the users can pick up from where they have left off playing on their Phones or X-Box (Amazing feature for the Game Nerds).

5. E-Mail Capability

Windows Phone 7 is equipped with the full capability of syncing with the Exchange Server and all the other e-mail providers present out there. So now the users would have the exchange accounts where they can sync the email. Moreover, they will also be able to sync emails on the multitude of platforms. Both the iPhone and the Android have not a full support for multitude of platforms but the 7 platform has an option for syncing with the multiple exchange accounts no matter if the user is a normal one or a business user.

Microsoft is indeed a sleeping giant but they have been a bit late in jumping on the Bandwagon of Smartphones. However, they are definitely geared up in making their mark and the Executives in the company are speculating that this move will bring Microsoft back to the path of Greatness.

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