5 Frequently Asked Questions About Washing Machines


Washing are one of those household items that we probably don’t give much thought into. All you know is that the clothes go in dirty and come out clean. But if you’re washing machine was to break down, what would you do? The chances are you’d pick up the phone and call the plumber.

However, calling the plumber out can prove to be expensive, and the chances are that it’s only a minor problem that you could rectify, if only you knew where to start. In this post we’ll identify four of the most common problems that occur with washing machines and tell you how you can prevent or fix them.

You Don’t Know How to operate Your Machine Properly

Let’s start with the very basics. Many people think their machines are broken, yet don’t actually know how to use the machine correctly. Take a few minutes and read through the operation guide. If you can’t find the paper version, you’ll often find a digital version online. By operating your machine correctly, you can also be sure that you aren’t operating it in a way that could cause damage.

Your Machine Won’t Drain

This will often mean that there is a blockage in the pump. Check your manual to locate the filter and remove it for cleaning. You’ll be amazed at how much fluff can gather over time. Simply remove as much fluff as possible and clean thoroughly. This should allow water to pass freely through the pump.

Your Clothes Come Out Hot

People often think that there is a problem with the machine when clothes come out warm. If you’ve just installed the machine, you may have attached the hot and cold pipes to the wrong water supplies. Check that they are in the correct order.

Keep the Seals Clean

The rubber seals in your washing machines ensure that water cannot escape. It is extremely that you keep the seals clean, as they are a hive for bacteria and can soon gather mould. In extreme cases the mould can cause the rubber to deteriorate, allowing water to leak from the machine. Regular cleaning of the seals can help to prevent this.

Your Machine Sometimes Doesn’t Reach Full Spin

Modern machines are able to detect if there is an unbalanced load. If there is, the machine will only spin at a safe speed to ensure that the machine doesn’t become unstable and cause damage.

This post was provided by Tony Balls – a washing machines salesman from the UK.

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