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3 Digital Ways To Promote Your Small Business


Marketing your small business in a traditional method might not be as effective these days as it had been before. Many business owners today fail to give enough time to marketing and tend to only indulge in it when they are running a promotion or launching a new product. Managing your small business may not be as challenging as managing a multinational corporation, but this doesn’t mean you should be complacent and not do as much as you need to. Any company, big or small, needs a robust marketing plan and needs to make marketing an ongoing process. It keeps your clients updated as well as targeting new customers.

It doesn’t matter if your business has been in existence for decades or a start-up, one of the most important factors of successful marketing is that you don’t stop finding new ways to market your business in order t stay ahead of the competition. If you still rely on the box ads in the Yellow Pages, you need to think again and do your own research. While Yellow Pages still helps you promote your business at a local level, you need to look around for better ways to market your business on a global scale. Below, are three new methods to promote your small business.

1. Ride the daily deals wave
If you haven’t noticed the rapid uprising of this market, where have you been? Daily deals are big business at the moment, and companies like Groupon and KGB deals are doing their bit to help small businesses reach a wider audience than ever before. This unique business model lets companies offer great deals on their products for a limited time or until the offer sells out. If you bequeath them with a really killer offer, you’ll find the sell out is quick and the recognition of your brand is boosted immeasurably.

2. Create a Foursquare presence
Another great way to make your small business’ presence felt across a wide range of audiences is through the use of foursquare. This location-based service may not be as popular as its social networking cousins Facebook and Twitter, but nonetheless offers a great way to connect to people from all corners of the globe. Whatever your business may be, foursquare may of great help to you. This unique mobile application lets users connect to people through the use of GPS. More than that, it also offers free set of tools for traders or business owners to draw new clients while keeping those loyal to them.

3. Let your customers market for you
These days everyone wants a recommendation or review before they are prepared to part with any cash. Sellers on forums like eBay and Amazon have found customers are prepared to pay a higher cost for the same product, if the seller has more positive ratings. Make it easy for your customers to leave you reviews on Google, on your own site and even on industry specific forums such as TripAdvisor.

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