2011 Automotive International Forum & Exhibition Hosted in Taiwan


2011 Automotive International Forum & Exhibition Hosted in Taiwan

The main question remains, could intelligent electric vehicles be the future of our roads? A two day forum was held from April 14 by the Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium (TARC). The aim of the forum was to build up links to the international electric vehicle industry. The event was called the “2011 Taiwan Automotive International Forum & Exhibition (2011 TAIFE)” It was in co-operation with the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and the “Taiwan International Electric Vehicle Show.”

Numerous numbers of distinguished guests and industrial motor experts among experts of other related fields attended the forum to try and agree on the inevitable development trend of intelligent electric cars. They discussed of Taiwan sharing an important role in the world’s electric vehicle supply chain with Taiwan’s superior R&D capabilities in information, communication, software, key parts and components with global partners present at the forum.

The move was to enable Taiwan to also be in a position to manufacture important parts and components for their electric vehicle industry. It will at the same go possess the vehicles R&D technologies ultimately becoming the world’s major supplier of electric vehicles and promoting charged infrastructure charging.

The introduction of intelligent electric drive vehicles have waved the motor world into another level of advanced technology. When everything is put into consideration including the impact they have on the environment and the society and its impact on the energy grid and electric utilities, the vehicle has potential benefits and challenges as well.

The main pros of the vehicle involve a good deal of fuel saving. This can greatly reduce the cost of driving for millions of people who have to suffer the repercussions of the ever rocketing cost of fuel. The car also has a great potential of reducing carbon dioxide emissions as it is solely an electric drive. This can help save our ecosystem.

When talking about fuel saving and reduction of the cost of driving as the major subject a lot of things have to be put into consideration. This include factors like the availability of charging infrastructure for the electric vehicles, the terrain where the car can be used and basically the power, technology and convenience of the vehicle. Other key factors to be looked at keenly are the price of gasoline and electricity.

The impact of the rising cost of driving has been felt globally. Countries with increased technology in cars have tried to come up with solutions to save this dire economic forecast. As results to a recent survey carried out, many people can now not afford the cost of driving and have resolved to drive less. Could the use of intelligent electric cars ease the situation? If the answer is yes, what percentage of driving cost reduction will we be talking about?

At this point when the cost of driving has been on the rise by a shocking percentage anything is worth a shot. If this electric drives can save the situation then the decision to fully embrace their existence should be warmly welcomed by motorists globally.

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